Busting Some Skin Care and Diet Myths

Breaking Some Skin Care Myths

Appropriate skin care is just one of those things that an increasing number of people are welcoming nowadays, especially as a result of the media campaign that unconsciously presses people to be more and more stunning. Nevertheless, as with anything of this type, not all the info one has to know is in fact known by the public. In such situations, the public oftens establish “knowledge” of its very own, which are quickly rejected as myths as well as urban myths by clinical specialists. Below are a few of the more and more typical misconceptions. Your best bet to avoid confusion is to consult a professional dermatologist. And today our source is from a renowned cosmetologist Dr. Kim Tae Hyunn from Seoul. Dr. Kim flew in from Seoul this weekend, arriving in style courtesy of Vancouver Airport Limo. He will be joining us to debunk many of the popular skin care and diet myths out there to give our readers the unbiased truth.

Myth # 1: Eating Some Foods Can Cause Skin Infections

Skin infections are not dued to the food you eat. No, acne is not caused or impacted by your diet either. Your food consumption has no impact on whether your skin could come to be a target for acne, pimples, or any other skin infections. The truth is, your diet plan has very little result on your skin. Instead of watching just what you eat, you may wish to try reducing the tension and also anxiousness to minimize the chances of your skin getting blemished. The only way food could have a significant effect on your skin is if you have an allergy to the food consumed.

Misconception # 2: Facial Exercises Make The Skin Look Younger

There is definitely, favorably no truth to this. The extreme reality is that doing face exercises will certainly do more damage compared to excellent. Your skin is flexible, but just to a particular degree. Like all points that are flexible, there are restrictions to just just how much you could pull previously destroying it or flawing it. Much like an elastic band, if you pluck it enough, you’ll ultimately warp it. When it come to the skin, do enough workouts and this’ll simply make those wrinkles and lines a lot more visible.

Myth # 3: A Great Tan Can Eliminate Germs

This is bit greater than scientific conjecture currently. Ultraviolet light could have an impact on bacteria or it may not, scientific research isn’t actually certain regarding that right now. Nevertheless, even if UV rays did have an impact on microorganisms, there’s no sign that it would certainly have any appreciable effect on microorganisms beneath the surface area of the skin, which is where most skin infections begin. Sure, tanning might be an excellent way to alleviate anxiety and also stress and anxiety, however the possibility you may end up getting skin cancer cells is something you should keep in mind prior to you lounge all the time on the beach.

Myth # 4: Way too much Beverage Could Make The Skin Strike Up

There is some clinical basis for this one, as liquor tends to open up the pores as well as make an individual look more and more flushed. Nonetheless, liquor can not make the skin strike up as well as have acne appear all over your skin over night. The open pores may make it simpler for dirt to get into them and exacerbate them if they are already obstructed, but it is not likely to boost the damage that was already there by any type of significant margin.

Misconception # 5: Dust Causes Acne

To confirm: dust blocked in the pores does not create acne. It could cause issues, definitely, yet it could not cause acne, so do not get a non-prescription acne treatment to assist relieve them. An exfoliant is most likely to aid if filth has actually obstructed your pores, as that sort of treatment will peel away levels of the skin, ultimately taking the dust together with it. While acne treatments based upon salicylic acid might assist, this is due to the fact that the acid is an exfoliant and also not since acne problems coincide as having dirt in your pores.

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